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Looked through daughters albums that I borrowed and there is no way I can remove any pictures from her albums.  Will have to take pictures of the pictures.  So, I went upstairs and gathered some of my albums, hoping that I have pictures that can be scanned into my computer.  Can’t find my portable scanner….but I will.


It’s a lot of work, it seems never ending, but today gave me all the motivation I need to get Ryan’s album done.

Ryan’s older brother, Richard, came by today and saw that I had all the albums out.  He picked up his, sat down and started reading all the letters everyone wrote to him (all typed in his book).  I came down from upstairs with arms full of more picture albums and caught him with tears in his eyes.  That reinforced how important these memories are.  He loves his album.  He graduated in 2013.


Richard is a CNA and cares for this little boy, age 13, who is autistic.  His name is Benji.  He can’t hear without a hearing aide and can only speak with sign language and a few sounds.  We cranked up the music while he was here today.  Benji heard the base and he and Richard started dancing.


Richard tells Benji to give me a hug before they leave.  Benji runs into my arms and I lift him up and he laughs outloud.  It’s always fun when they stop by.

Didn’t have much time to work on the album today.  But, I did go ahead and make the cover, which I’m sure will get changed.  Just had to get one page in there.  Have to start somewhere.

Now that I have started, I won’t have to go through these steps again.  Cover photo colors don’t show up well with my camera but it looks great.

When I show his mother, it will probably hit her and make her cry.




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